Permanence on Peete

A “tiny” home can go just about anywhere, especially when mounted to wheels. Their unique size makes it possible to squeeze through alleyways, squat in backyards or even fit comfortably within a typical parking space. While drafting his proposal for the Haile Fellowship, Brad Cooper worked hard to find the right neighborhood that could serve as a permanent foundation for his tiny home idea. The ultimate decision to bring the project to Peete St, located on the edge of Over-the-Rhine, was hardly an accident. While buried beneath affordable housing research, Brad connected with the non-profit community development organization Over-the-Rhine Community Housing. Their friendly relationship would largely affect Brad’s decision to settle upon OTR as a suitable location for his project. After much discussion (and a little bit more research) OTRCH decided to give Brad a shot at developing this experimental model on one of their properties.

Brad began looking to the hillsides, which are uniquely suited for “tiny” homes. Here’s why:

  • The homes are relatively lightweight and won’t stress hillside soils
  • Small footprints allow vegetation to grow, a huge benefit to maintaining stable hillsides
  • Buildings on and around Peete St. (and most hillside streets) were historically smaller than most places in OTR

Primarily made up of vacant lots and trees, Peete St. remains relatively quiet, but not totally out of the way. Parks and playgrounds are nearby and it’s only a short walk to attractions like Findlay Market. The location also makes it easy to get to where you need to go; it has easy access to many Metro routes and eventual Streetcar stops.

The two sites, 142 and 144 Peete St., are each roughly 25 ft. wide and 52 ft. in length and currently covered with scrub-trees and brush. Once construction begins late this fall, the foliage will be removed and new homes will begin to take shape. Each home will come complete with solar panels, a parking space, and outdoor patio. There’s enough room left over for residents to expand their living space outdoors, potentially with a garden or patio area. The debate over how to effectively address the need for affordable housing continues, but this architect hopes to show that big change can indeed come in small packages.

Join us at the next Live Large event happening Wednesday, July 29th at 6:00 PM. 2015 Haile Fellow Brad Cooper will be conducting a full presentation titled “Live Large in a Tiny Home” at PL’s headquarters located at 1805 Elm St, right across from Findlay Market. Potential tiny homebuyers are required to attend at least one of the Live Large events!

Reposted from People’s Liberty.