I thought it’d be a good idea to start way back at the beginning, or as close as I could. Lets go back to 1904. Over-the-Rhine was a very different place. We know this because although Google Maps wasn’t around, Sanborn Maps were.

Findlay Market Area

The maps were used by insurance companies to understand buildings in urban areas. The maps are color coded and give information on building stories (sometimes heights), type of construction, business names and more. Over time, the new maps were drawn and pasted over the old ones. While these maps are hand-drawn, you can still find them online via the Hamilton County and Cincinnati Public Library.

Sanborn Map Key

Rhinegeist Site

These maps are great for understanding historical context. Now mostly empty lots, Peete Street once had mostly two story homes Northwest of Lang and 3 story buildings Southeast of Lang. Many more of the buildings were wood frame (perhaps why they are no longer standing) compared to the rest of the neighborhood’s buildings constructed with brick.