Meet "Grizzly Adams"

Jesse Sandman became a People's Liberty Resident, inducted into the Society of Mad Philanthropists, back in May. PL Residents take on a variety of tasks and responsibilities, focused mainly on storytelling or communication. These most excellent storytellers work for PL and provide some support to grantees, including myself.

Photo Credit: People's Liberty

People's Liberty decided to step up and provide additional support to their two Haile Fellows for the last quarter of the year. They asked Jesse to stick around. The rest is happening now!

He's been supporting Brad S. and I directly since September.

Jesse has a diverse skill set, experienced in the arts of music, language, and retail, while honing is skills in videography and photography. He also revealed experience in construction, we'll see if he straps on a tool belt this winter. Needless to say, he's been up to the challenge, taking on whatever we throw at him. You'll be hearing more from him directly as the year closes out. He's looped into Start Small on various levels, so if you see him hiking the city, exploring Cincinnati, stop him and say hello.


Brad Cooper