Groundbreaking Success!


Thanks to all who came out and showed support during the Groundbreaking Celebration on Peete St.
New and familiar faces mingled on the build-site discussing tiny living and sipping hot apple cider.
Attendees had the opportunity to celebrate by having a Polaroid taken of themselves toting a shovel and looking sharp in a hardhat. Actual tiny home construction is set for early November this year.


Although the scene looks festive (and it was) Start Small is addressing serious issues regarding affordable housing. By hosting public-facing events and inviting comments and criticism, Start Small has grounded itself in the local community. Connecting these unique homes to the surrounding neighborhood has been a driving force for Start Small from the get-go. The team even went so far as to repurpose materials found on-site, such as old bricks and tree trunks, for the comfort of those attending.

The project's focus is on developing affordable housing solutions, but also emphasizing the importance of individual lifestyle and simplicity. To that end, Start Small is not only beneficial to low-income homeowners, but also those who are looking for alternatives to traditional housing options.


With the soil turned and the cookies eaten the Groundbreaking Celebration finally comes to a close.
Although the excitement fades, this event is only the beginning of Cincinnati's very first tiny homes.
Each unit should be "homeowner ready" by early next year. Interested in owning a tiny home?
Visit our FOR SALE page for additional information and instructions on how to take the next step.