OVHD Electric Review

Way above our heads, electricity, data, and phone conversations zip around on wires in older cities. The Start Small team met with Duke Energy at the build-site to determine the most effective connection for OVHD (overhead) power-lines. The power lines are across the street, and we'll likely connect mid span.


The location of the connection to the house will determine the location electric box and solar panel inverter on the interior of each home. We had our preferred location based on aesthetics, space planning and practical reasons, but Duke Energy takes a wide variety of concerns into consideration when it comes to providing electrical service to each home, such as the angle of approach, tree canopy placement, and if someone can reach out a window and grab a power line. While these concerns might seem insignificant they can have an enormous impact on safe and effective energy distribution. We'll come to the best possible solution, but as always, safety first.